A New Look at Mother’s Day

For most of my adult life I’ve remembered Mother’s Day with gratitude for the gifts that my mother, Lorene Jones, has always shown in raising me. I’m her only child, so I am a1so her favorite. Yet, I don’t take that spot for granted. This year I see mothers through different eyes, this time as a father.

My mother was my first best friend, and I learned to respect women who worked and raised their children at the same time—not an easy job.

Over the years on Mother’s Day, I’ve expressed my love and admiration for my Mother; cards, flowers, and other traditional gifts. In recent years, I’ve remembered to give her my greatest respect. She made it all look easy. I cannot recall a time when she ever complained because of her “workload.”

This Mother’s Day 2022, I have yet another perspective about what it’s like to be a Mom, with a front row seat, 24/7. I’ve seen Chelsea give birth to, nurture, and begin to raise our son, bringing me along with her each step of the way, sharing the things that I could do as a full co-parent for our son, Rowen.

She manages to make it look effortless, but it’s not. If we go anywhere, it means planning for the next five hours of our lives. Rowen might need: diapers, extra clothing, baby wipes, baby bibs, formula, and countless other things. It rivals a skilled military operation to transport precious cargo from point A to point B, keep cargo entertained, or asleep, and then be prepared to have it all change on a moment’s notice.

I’m honored that Chelsea is Rowen’s Mom and that I had a wonderful Mom growing up to see how parenting should be done. As our little man grows day by day, Chelsea becomes more beautiful in my eyes.

A few of the things Chelsea does as a Mom that really impress me:

  1. I married a beautiful woman. Somehow, when she became a Mom, she became even more beautiful. I think it’s her serenity that is shining through.
  2. She makes it look easy. To be fair, when she was still a teenager, she helped raise her younger brothers and understand how boys’ minds work (tendency for breaking rules) and she is well equipped with how to anticipate where he might make a wrong turn and correct it or intercept it.
  3. Her voice is so calming and strong as she talks to Rowen; she uses real words rather than baby words to communicate with him.
  4. Her faith in God shows in her prayers for his safety and well-being. When he has a fever she stays strong because she can.
  5. She selects the greatest outfits for him until he can voice his own opinion on the topic. She is selective, and I know he will be, too.
  6. Family comes first. Although she works in her job as I do in mine, full time, even so, she has a refreshed and relaxed countenance when it comes to our son, and when it comes to me.
  7. All of her words she shares with him are teaching him kindness, strength, fun, laughter, faith, and happiness. No greater gifts could she bestow every day of her life, and yet she makes it all look easy, sometimes on only two hours of consecutive sleep.

These are characteristics of all of you mothers out there, including my own, Lorene Jones, who make it a very special pleasure to say thank you for all that you do for those you love, whether they were born to you, adopted by you, or simply found in the world around with the knowledge that you could make a difference in their lives.


Happy Mother’s Day to you all!

Cody D. Jones ‘02, Owner & Community Member



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