Themed Funerals and How You Can Start Planning for Your Loved Ones


Over the years we’ve been in our new building, in the many Celebrations of Life that happen in our Bluebonnet Community Room, our Funeral Directors and Team Members have brought their special skills and talents to preparing our area for visitation and services where you truly feel at home. Very often there is a central theme for our life celebrations that are key to your loved one’s very heart and soul, what they loved most.

When we first expanded into our new facility, I asked Lacy Robinson, a NFDA Arranger Training Instructor, to visit and train our team in the most current in respectful yet special ways to honor the lives of loved ones. That visit has resulted in people coming to us and saying, “We want to have a service like the one you did for…”

Primarily what we are doing is hearing you tell us what it is that your loved one enjoyed the most in life, whether it’s outdoor sports and camping, to travel cruises, to Aggie sports, or motorcycle racing and motocross adventures, and more. Our funeral directors each have special gifts and talents when it comes to arrangements, particularly unforgettable Texas A&M-themed services or your favorite school.

Our funeral directors create magnificent video wall designs as the backdrop to a scenic lake when fishing is a passion. We’ve recreated a beautiful garden countryside for a dear woman who was devoted to her garden.

Funeral processions with police escorts, military honors at our funeral center or at graveside, our funeral directors work with families to display mementos before the funerals so everyone can get a full perspective of the lifetime of your loved one.

Personally, I love creating many of the video walls for our families, as it gives me an opportunity to use my design skills. In my blog I talk more about some of the themed services we have created, including those custom, personalized services led by our Certified Life Celebrant, Dawn Lee Wakefield. You will love how we can feature what you have in mind to create.

Here are some examples for sports fans–we can be as specific to a team you love or feature a general theme that brings you joy. Right now, this sport is on everyone’s mind.


For those to whom bowling is part of their active lifestyle:



Or fishing:











In this part of Texas there is a strong love for the Dallas Cowboys:

For those whose western cowboy roots are strong:




And for a family whose love of Studebakers is strong:


And, there was a youngster who loved Caterpillar equipment:

These are just a few of the ways in which friends and family can feel surrounded by love during their funeral services and celebrations of life that reflect the people, places, and things that meant the most to your loved one in their lifetimes. Working together with your funeral director, you can bring the items up to our Funeral Center before the service and we’ll help you set them up to create exactly the theme you want. Call us today to make an appointment to talk with one of our experienced team members about how to create a funeral service you will long remember.

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