Memorials, Honors, and Ceremonies: Lessons and Rituals

Memorials, Honors, and Ceremonies As Chelsea and I are taking Rowen to many of his “firsts” such as Aggie sports events and other special ceremonies, I’ve found myself thinking more about when my parents first taught me about etiquette and rituals as special occasions and memorials. As we have been going through this for the … Read more

Decoration Day is More Than a Southern Tradition

The month of May is one that signals many holidays, one of which relates to how we care for the cemetery plots of our family and friends. Particularly in the south it seems that family cemetery plots are cared for by relatives for generations by tradition. That is, of course, as opposed to “perpetual care” … Read more

The Meaning of Memorial Day for Soldiers Then and Now

Every time I hear someone say, “Have a good Memorial Day,” as we do so often out of reflex, I pause for a minute. So often the newspaper and TV ads and mail circulars are printed in big, bold, red, white, and blue colors, with stars and rockets soaring, reflecting a sale, or a picnic … Read more

Still Grieving Those “Missing in Action” Who Served Our Greatest Generation

Memorial Day 2016 presents an opportunity for many to visit gravesites of war heroes who lost their lives during battle in service to our country. On their headstones you see tangible evidence and proof that they lived among us. Along with their names on a marker you see the branch of service to their country … Read more

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