Cremation Caskets and Containers

We offer a large selection of cremation caskets and containers designed to meet the needs of any cremation request. All our cremation caskets and containers have been selected to provide a wide range of products that meet both the need for quality and affordability that is reflected in the broad requirements of the cremation families we serve.


Ceremonial Cremation Caskets

Ceremonial Cremation caskets can be used for viewings and funerals at our funeral center or other locations like your church. These caskets are specifically designed and engineered for cremation, allowing them to incinerate easily during the cremation process without posing a danger to the body, the crematory or crematory operator. These cremation caskets all meet the cremation container law requirement in Texas.

Cremation Containers

Cremation Containers are designed for families who may choose to have a private family viewing prior to the cremation, but elect not to have a public viewing or funeral service. These containers all meet the cremation container law requirement in Texas.
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