Callaway-Jones Lobby

College Station Funeral Planning Office

Where Your Family’s Comfort is Our Family’s Priority

At Callaway-Jones’ new College Station Planning Offices, we’ve worked hard to create a sanctuary for comfort and conversation, away from any pressures of traditional funeral homes.

Each aspect of our state-of-the-art facilities has been carefully considered with you and your family in mind. We have provided every resource to aid you in all of your preparations while also leaving you feeling confident and comfortable.

Here, your family can discuss important details in spaces meticulously designed for peace and tranquility.

Welcoming Lobby

From the moment you step into the light, spacious Welcoming Lobby of College Station, you become part of the Callaway-Jones family. 

Here you will be warmly received by the members of our staff. From administrators to celebrants, our mission is to aid you throughout your planning process with the utmost respect and care. 

Your ease is our priority, especially as you plan your arrangements. We are proud to provide you with a water and coffee station for maximum comfort throughout your time with us.


Family Conversation Suites

The College Station Planning Offices provides families with three modern, comfortable conversation suites, designed for privacy and harmony in every conversation 

These suites can accommodate up to ten family members and have been designed to keep your conversations confidential and comfortable. No matter which of our staff you choose to include in your planning process, you can rest assured that every detail will be privately taken care of to the letter.

Each conversation suite is equipped with a 75” TV for easy visualization, quick information, and instant updates as your conversation flows. The large screen format also allows the inclusion of family members by video who might not otherwise be able to participate.

We have also created an urn display in each of the suites. This makes it easier for you and your family to see—and trust—the quality of not just our care, but our materials, too.



Many people prefer to meet with us when it best fits their schedule or needs. Meeting when and where it works for you, is important to us and also ensures we can have one of our expert staff available. A cup of coffee, time in your home or time at our location – whatever works for you.

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