Hidden Gems in Old Photos

Is your family one that has regular annual reunions either in the summer or at other holiday times? If so, it’s likely that in the past one of the family members was a faithful picture-taker and you could count on always having a great record of the family through the years. Then there was the … Read more

Talking with Loved Ones about Their Future Wishes

Is it time for you and your parents, or for you and your children to have “the talk?” You know, the one where you talk about plans for how things should be if one of you passes away this year. It’s just not one-sided anymore, expecting the older members of a family to pass away … Read more

Giving The Gift of Time This Holiday Season

If you’re panicked or stressed this holiday season about what to get all the loved ones in your family, and your budget won’t carry you as far as your heart goes, don’t panic. There’s a solution right at hand and your gift will be as prized as though they cost a fortune. It’s the gift … Read more

Family Reunions Help Preserve Legacies

Even though local temperatures have been soaring in the 90s and even into the 100-degree mark, on June 21, we formally observed the first day of summer. And with this season we see so many families having their annual summer reunions, one of the most exciting times of the year. During spring, fall, and winter, … Read more

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