James Kwan

James Kwan, 48, of Bryan, passed away April 18, 2015 at St. Joseph Hospital. Cremation services are in the care of Callaway-Jones Funeral Home and Crematory. Check back later for full obituary and funeral details.

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  1. A true one of a kind. A game master of many realms. He did walk his own path. Sadly the worlds will be different without his presence.

    Only 5 seconds to make a wish…..so many fond memories. You will be missed James.


  2. One of the most creative and imaginative people I ever knew. James touched the lives of many people and he will be missed.

  3. One of the brightest minds I’ve had the privilege to know. I have many fond memories. James you will be missed.

  4. James was the one who brought us together as a group of friends. He put a lot of effort into running a campaign, which sometimes we loved, and sometimes we hated–the mark of a master story teller.

    Sometime during those years, he became a Christian, so we live with the Hope that someday in the future, when we all pass, we will see him again, but for now, he is missed.

  5. James used to come to our house to use the computer with all the guys that were friends of Jason.
    He was well mannered and a nice guy and we will miss him terribly.

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