What are the different types of burial caskets?

Most caskets are made of either wood or metal. Metal caskets are made of either bronze, copper, steel or stainless steel. Wood caskets are available in a variety of types of wood. Interiors of caskets are usually made with velvet or crepe; however, other materials may be available.

(Source: ICCFA FAQs: http://consumer.iccfa.com/faq)

  1. It is really great to hear that there are all these options of caskets. I honestly was unaware that there were metal caskets, but I am sure that they would look really great. My grandfather is planning out his funeral, and he is having a difficult time finding a good casket. I will tell him all these different options so that he can look at new options to see if any of them are something he would like. Thanks for the great post!

  2. The majority of caskets that I’ve ever seen are made of wood. It’s kind of cool that there are also metal caskets. How much does the price differ from the different materials? I’m planning my will and maybe I can decide on my caskets as well.

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