Why Are Some Funeral Homes Cheaper Than Others?

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Why are Some Funeral Homes Cheaper than Others?

Thinking about planning your funeral? Everyone can benefit from your questions, sooner than later. One of your major considerations is naturally—price. In the Brazos Valley, not all funeral homes and crematories are created equal. Let’s look at quality, value, and price.

A major difference among funeral homes comes down to who owns you. Callaway-Jones is a family business, locally owned. Does this matter? Yes! We are able to welcome everyone’s budget because we are not forcing employees to meet quotas. We don’t have public earnings on a stock exchange. We’re your local friends and neighbors who’ve built our business for over 60 years here.

When it comes to funerals—we excel in creating such personalized visitations for your guests and funeral services (here and at the graveside) that you know we’re not just following a cookie cutter model day-after-day. The regard you have for your loved one is given our personal attention.

Callaway-Jones is unique in our transparency pledge—in fact, I believe we’re the only local funeral home that posts our entire price lists on our website for all to see. While we offer easy to understand packages, we also offer ala carte pricing if that is your preference.

On our web site, you’ll find pricing with a full list of what is included. You have choices for funeral services at the church of your choice, or in our own Funeral Center and also, graveside services are used in addition to, or in place of, a funeral in church or Funeral Center. Individual costs are also itemized so that you have options within each package to add or subtract items.

If cremation is your choice, we offer several packages to meet all budgets and preferred services, and you can view them on our web site. We have 5 Certified Cremation Operators among the most qualified and experienced staff in the Brazos Valley.

Why we offer the best value and premier funeral service in the Brazos Valley.

Callaway-Jones Funeral and Cremation Centers is consistently voted Best Funeral Home by our Brazos Valley Community. I’ve also been personally honored as Best Funeral Director for as many years because I’ve assembled the largest, most considerate and caring staff in our local business here. We’ve known many of you as personal friends and neighbors for years before you’ve ever needed our services.

In the past 16 years since I took over this business from my father, Mike Jones, we had both learned from Raymond Jones, Sr. (grandfather and dad) how you treat people. The best lessons we ever had were related specifically as to how we care for people “when no one else is looking.” We treat you the way we would hope you’d treat us, were the positions reversed.

Expenses that we don’t plan for seem scary, as a topic of general thought. Many people have seen the importance and helpfulness in planning their final affairs in advance with us. Knowing all of the options available, taking the time to select your choices without the added emotional burden of having to make quick choices if a loved one passes away and you feel pressured because “people need to know now!” is a genuine blessing.

Some families have prefunded policies already, and you can count on our honoring those without any added surprises or fees, even if we were not the original funeral home where you created and paid for the policy. You can come in today and bring that policy and have complete peace of mind.

We offer affordable financing if you find yourself just walking in because a loved one passed away today. We’re sensitive to everyone’s budget and you will never hear us pressure you to spend more than you can afford by preying on your emotions as you come to terms with your loss. That’s not who we are.

There are times when we may be more expensive than another funeral home, because we are well staffed at each service or event. We have the most beautiful, newest facility here. You can be proud to invite your family and guests here, as we offer that largest and most spacious public areas, and we offer complimentary Live Streaming for your other guests when their travel is not possible. We offer the the largest and most experienced staff in our area, and that allows us to respond quicker to meet the needs of our families.

We offer a Certified Life Celebrant to help you create the story of your loved-one’s life to make a funeral service meaningful and unique. Our Certified Life Tribute Writer can craft a beautiful written tribute for you to have, above and beyond the standard obituary.

We regularly post a tribute of any length you want on our website for free, which remains there permanently with the photo of your loved one. If you are having a challenging time writing an obituary, our professionals are here to help.

The primary reason we are sometimes less expensive than other funeral homes is because we are family owned, not staffed by corporate executives, living outside the area, who set fixed prices and place quotas in front of their funeral professionals. Callaway-Jones is very sensitive to the differences in budgets.

Having non-local ownership can, but not always does, set up an atmosphere of “sales” as primary rather than after-death care for your loved one. It’s a subtle difference as everyone who enters the funeral business does so with a heart full of compassion. However, corporate quotas have no empathy. They’re numbers.

The best way to judge the value you receive from us is to make an appointment to come in, let us give you a tour of our beautiful funeral center, and take your time to ask us questions. Call (979) 822-3717 today or sign up for one of our entertaining preplanning events, led by our Advance Planning Specialist, Shelby Swoboda!