What Should I Bring to the Funeral Home?

What do I take to the Funeral Home? What clothes do we need to take to the Funeral Home? What should we bring for the visitation to make our ceremony special? 

Whether you’ve chosen burial or cremation, if you want a time of public or family visitation for your loved one, select a full set of dress clothes, including any undergarments you choose, then shoes for women and socks, and shoes for men. Occasionally, there are special situations for women who have classic signature clothing items. At times we may have to make small cuts in fabrics so they fit the body, so please be aware of this in advance. It is something to discuss with your funeral director at your first conference.

Many times you want your loved one to be seen by others as closely reminiscent to the way they looked in their best days. has favorite jewelry, earrings, and prescription glasses etc. that are so characteristic of how people remember them best. Be assured that prior to burial or cremation, you will receive all the personal items back for your safekeeping. Please feel free to bring anything you want in terms of clothing and attire.

Our funeral directors are experienced and qualified to do hair and cosmetology, but if you have a longtime preferred hairdresser for your loved one, you are always welcome to coordinate with your funeral director to have them do their hair.

Making a visitation time special can be achieved effectively with our beautiful video wall and perhaps you want to make a custom video of your loved one’s lifetime that will bring back many happy memories. That’s one option. There are ways to customize a casket design (color, size, theme) given sufficient time to plan ahead.

Another way to help create a custom visitation for your family and friends to pay tribute to your loved one is to bring personal items and mementos to display throughout the funeral center. As your guests walk into the lobby, many are comforted by seeing favorite photographs, perhaps someone’s favorite cowboy boots to a prized motorcycle, and many things in between.

Customizing the tribute to your loved one’s life is something that our funeral directors specialize in. Each service is different. Each service we create is tailored specifically to the interests that your loved one has enjoyed throughout their lifetime.

Visitations are a perfect time for you to share great stories and revisit memories of your loved ones, when friends and extended family come together with you to visit. Families often choose to have the visitation one day or night and the funeral service and/or burial the next day to allow people who want to pay respects to able to have two separate opportunities to visit. Having two separate times available is a good idea when you can plan for the time.

What should you bring for visitations? You can have a lovely simple setup with family photographs placed around our funeral center lobby. Sometimes your spouse will have many crafts they’ve made themselves that they are known for. For those involved in sports, favorite team jerseys, photographs, signed game balls, and game programs are a good way to showcase some of the most important things in the lifetime of the one who has gone.

The video wall in the Bluebonnet Room is a central focus of a place to show who and what is most important in your loved ones’ lives. The sports teams your loved one followed, hobbies such as fishing and hunting and things that lead to competitive trophies and ribbons….these items may never have been seen before, so it gives relatives and friends a different perspective—focusing on what was a key happy time in their lifetime is both uplifting and poignant.

Looking at the photos here will give you an idea of things you might wish to bring. There is no right or wrong for visitation. If you don’t want to bring anything other than a few photos, that’s fine too. It’s always up to you that you’re most comfortable at these special times. Most of all it is the people who attend the visitation that are your primary focus but having special mementos frequently brings comfort.

We also specialize is creating custom Texas A&M themed funeral services.




Consult with your funeral director in deciding about how to arrange for your visitation. We have talented and trained specialists who will assist you in your planning. We have tables, linens, easels and frames to support other frames that you bring with  you.

The flexibility of our funeral center provides a comfortable setting for relaxing and visiting with loved ones. There’s comfort in this relaxed, warm setting, and a gentle atmosphere during your visitation services. As always, we are here for you. Call to meet with our preplanning specialist or drop by to tour our funeral center. We look forward to meeting you.


Due to the construction on S College Ave our facility is only accessible via Dellwood St. Please refer to this map for reference. Dellwood St can be accessed via Cavitt Ave and Texas Ave.

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