Creating the Perfect Atmosphere for Your Family Visitation and Funeral

One of the trends in our Celebrations of Life and Legacy Services at Callaway-Jones Funeral and Cremation Centers we’ve seen in recent years is a most active role of the family in offering suggestions for music and memories to display that were important to your loved one. One of the advantages to hosting a Life Celebration is to custom-create the experience so that all of your family members and friends will feel at home and at ease with the visitation experience.

Whether you select burial or cremation, we recommend you set a time of visitation as an important component of the healing process. Sometimes we’re guided by the family member who says, “Now, when it’s my time, I don’t want a big thing at all. Just put me in a pine box and that’s it!” Now, do they really mean that? Rarely. It’s often said when people realize that someone they leave behind “has to do those things,” they don’t want to be a burden (their word).

Sometimes the importance of visitations escapes people until they determine that something feels like it was left undone. In our years of experience, we’ve found how much a family needs a specific time and place to grieve and receive healing, in the form of the presence of other loved ones. Visitations satisfy that very need.

When our Certified Life Celebrant builds a memorable, meaningful celebration service in Custom Life Tributes, she includes music, stories, and words by and memories of others to remind them of the best days of their loved one’s life.

Additionally, when families bring framed photos, certificates, awards, favorite items from an office desk, or other mementos of great times together—visitation guests take note of what was most important at a private level as well as a public level. Families have the versatility of decorating our Bluebonnet Room, the full funeral center lobby, and even the Pecan Room with these special items. Our seasoned professionals help you arrange your mementos for guests at this important event.

Take a look at some of the ways in which families bring up photos, mementos and other things (including favorite boots or shoes) to remind guests of charming and humorous aspects of their lives.

Music is also very important when we consider how to honor the lives of loved ones. In our funeral center or at the graveside, we are able to provide you with beautiful and meaningful songs, hymns, and contemporary music that resonates with you when you think of the life of your loved one.


During our Life Celebrations, we’ve had guest vocalists come in and perform, we have had family members who have sung as a quartet, even bringing their own keyboard, and in other services, as a congregation, many guests have sung along with cherished hymns from childhood.

We’re able to craft religious services in our funeral center as well as life celebrations that feature the best of contemporary music, country music, and live jazz, when you want the saints to go marching in!


With visitation time, you begin the healing process in a special way. As you design the funeral service, or let us do that for you with your input, the healing continues.

After burial or cremated remains are again with you, the process steps of saying goodbye can be realized less painfully than just going through the steps alone.



At Callaway-Jones Funeral and Cremation Centers, we are with you every step of the way, 24/7. We continue to appreciate your faith and confidence in us.

And, we’re always here when you need us, just as we’ve been family-owned and an independent funeral home for more than 60 years in the Brazos Valley.


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