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David Hogan, longtime resident of Bryan College Station, Texas, speaks about his family’s experience using Callaway-Jones Funeral Center in Bryan when his wife, Sue, passed away unexpectedly.

It just happened, we just thought it was another bump in the road.

She would have loved everything about it from the preparation all the way to the service itself.

The team here, they knew what to do and how to do it without you realizing what they were doing or how they were doing it.

I wouldn’t recommend anybody but Callaway-Jones. Now, I’ve attended a lot of funerals at other funeral homes. I’m not saying they aren’t good. To me they just can’t be as well fitted as Callaway-Jones was for me.

Local resident Nikki Winder, shares her family’s experience with using Callaway-Jones Funeral Center when her father, Clayton Winder, passed away unexpectedly.

We got notification of my father’s passing while we were in Louisiana at another funeral. I literally called Ricky at 7:30 in the morning, on a Sunday morning, and by the time we got to town, he had everything taken care of.

I think it takes a special person to do what they do. They did an excellent job. They really showed who he was as a person when he was living.

At the time this is happening to you they make you feel like you are the priority and you are the only thing that matters at the time.

Local residents Mark and Mimi Sicilio, Chad Jones, and Bobby Pruiett offer a first hand funeral home review of their families’ experience when choosing Callaway-Jones Funeral Home in Bryan College Station, Texas.

Death is very hard, but when you have people you have known in this community and know have served this community for so long and so well, you are at peace in knowing that your loved one is going to be in the best hands that they can be in in this community.

Fifty six years ago we met Raymond and Dian Jones. In the seventies we had the privilege of using Callaway-Jones to help with our maternal grandmother. They were the choice. They were who folks at the A&M College or Texas A&M University recommended. What mattered then and what matters now is the relationship, the kindness, the compassionate nature, the professionalism. You always know with 100 percent confidence that your loved ones are cared for with the devotion, respect, diligence, kindness, charity that they deserve.

The reason they are our number one choice is my family from this area have used them over the years. We have used the old location and now this new location. And just how we are received by the owners, Cody, Chelsea, and his mother, it’s just absolutely awesome. Everybody is made to feel comfortable. They present themselves professionally, and it’s just a comforting place.

When you need a funeral home you are going through a tough time. It’s a personal tragedy. So when my wife and I were dealing with loss of our child, we knew we could trust Cody, he’s a friend, but we also knew we could trust them to do a good job.

I would highly recommend Callaway-Jones to any family in this community because it is so full of compassion and it’s a hard thing to go through, the death of a loved one, and I can’t think of a place that makes me feel more at peace than Callaway-Jones.

There are many funeral homes all around, but for us and our family, we have chosen and will continue to choose Callaway-Jones.

Johnny Turner – son of Joyce and John Turner offers a funeral home review of his family’s experience when choosing Callaway-Jones Funeral Home – Bryan College Station, Texas

They made us feel good.

When we walked out the door I looked at my wife, and said I feel good about what we just went through. My wife she has a really old family and we have been married for 40 years.

So there was an eight month period in there, there was like five or six funerals we had gone to. And I got to see the process of that. I saw funeral homes that really applied pressure to them, and made them spend money they didn’t want to spend, or they didn’t have.

There’s no pressure here. It’s a comfortable atmosphere.

Let’s face it, when you walk into a funeral home, and it’s for a loved one especially, you’re most vulnerable right there, and they don’t prey on that.

Chrissy Hester – daughter of Jean and Edward Rydman gives a funeral home review of her family’s experience with Callaway-Jones Funeral Home – Bryan College Station, Texas

“My parents died about a year and a half apart, oddly. The dog died in between that and their very clear wishes were to be cremated and all their ashes to be spread at the same time.

My mother died first. When the dog died they took care of the dog. When my father died, they took care of my father.

It was several month before we gathered as a family to have exactly what their wishes were for us to all go on a trip. They combined the ashes into little bags for each of us.

The rest of my family couldn’t believe how easy it had been and how they worked with us on our odd little request. So it was very special.”

Ashley Burkhalter Brunson, daughter of Steven Burkhalter, offers a funeral home review and talks about her experience with Callaway-Jones Funeral Home in Bryan College Station, Texas

“My Dad had brain cancer for a year.

My sisters and I really had time to think about what we wanted. It was a vision I had in my brain. They were able to help us execute it, and I thought it it turned out amazing.

We chose Callaway-Jones because it didn’t feel like a funeral home. It felt warm, inviting, upbeat and happy. It didn’t feel sad and depressing like some funeral homes do.

I can’t even tell you how many people came through the line to see us that said oh this is so your dad, it was just so him. And it just totally spoke to the person he was.”


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