Vera Dube


  1. I adored Vera from the moment I first set eyes on her. What a truly charming and entertaining lady she was. I still go out to the home even tho Ron has been gone since Feb. I grew very attached to those people. I always looked in on Vera and if she was awake, she would give me the thumbs up sign. I really missed her when she moved. I am sad she is gone but know she is in a better place.

    My sympathy to you all.

  2. We loved Vera so much. When she left Dime Box we missed her tremendously. When she used to come to our store in Dime Box we had so much fun laughing and talking. There will never be another Vera. We know all of the family and friends will miss her but she is in a much better place. Our prayers are with you all. Love, Sharon Biehle

  3. I am very proud to have a grandmother like Grandma Dube. There are too many Grandma Dube stories to list here, but I know my siblings and cousins all have great memories of going to her house. As little kids, were all enchanted and mystified by her rooms of Chinese antiques. Like the Indian statue that made us panic it might come to life in the dark, so we’d hold our breath and sprint past it. And the Buddha figurines and the big golden rug hanging on the wall that was heavy because the threads had real gold in it. Or turning on the rainbow colored moving disco ball light behind the bar! Playing with her birds Grecko, Sambo and Chief. We all loved listening to how Grandma talked, with her Chinese-Texan accent. I remember her teaching us how to say, “Good morning” in Chinese, as we ate the most important meal of the day, breakfast. I remember when she took the Fritz clan out to eat at Ci-Ci’s pizza, or as she pronounced it, “Chee-Chee’s”, in her wonderful Grandma Dube way.

    I love the story of when my brother Josh ran out of gasoline in his suped-up lawnmower go-cart, and he and his friend trudged back to our house. Grandma was visiting, on our porch in her trademark sunglasses. She asks, “Joshuwa? Did you run out of your boogie”? Josh doesn’t understand…“You know! your boogie!?! Vroom vroom”! Josh replies, “Yeah, Grandma. We ran outta gas”.

    When Grandma bought her new house in Bryan, I drove down from Dallas for Christmas 2001. My eyesight was so horrible after getting to Bryan, I was lost and crying for 3 hours. Even with new glasses, I could not read the road signs. Grandma was so gracious! She offered to pay for me to get the lasik eye surgery. Eight years later, I’m a medical doctor, specializing in radiology, where I use my eyes everyday to read xrays, cat scans, and MRI’s. Many of my cousins are “blind” too. Out of 13 of us, only God knows why she offered me the surgery, but I am forever grateful!

    We all love and miss you, Grandma! You are definitely one of a kind!

    Traci Fritz