Independence, Freedom, and Choices

This is the day when we break out the red, white, and blue décor and display our pride in being Americans with the rest of our community, same as we do every year at this time. Across the Brazos Valley some of our neighborhoods are staging their own parades and parents have helped their children … Read more

Joy in the Morning: Easter Blessings for All

Just as excitedly as children rush from their beds on Easter morning to see what might be awaiting them in their Easter baskets from the Easter bunny, adults have reason to approach this blessed Sunday with similar enthusiasm. The promise of the memory of the stone that was rolled back, revealing an empty tomb brings … Read more

Teaching Our Children About Holy Week — Introduction to Palm Sunday

Now that our son Rowen is two years old, Chelsea and I are beginning to introduce him to the elements of a regular church worship service that occur with regularity each year. True, one can only make a preliminary impression on a youngster with respect to helping him or her understand the rituals we as … Read more

When the Matriarch is Missing from Thanksgiving This Year, Who Will Fill Her Shoes?

For many people, including myself this year, Thanksgiving is happening without the presence of my maternal grandmother, and it has given me an opportunity, in the past few weeks since her passing, to actually reflect on something that I have not thought of in a long time—the passing of the torch to the next generation. … Read more

When a Child Loses a Parent too Soon — How Can You Help?

  It’s hard enough growing up in today’s world. So many choices, and so many come too soon, it takes both parents focusing hard on a child’s well-being to help them navigate the 21st century speed of life. Things our parents never expected us to have to think about at age 11 or age 15 … Read more

Let Freedom Ring — The 4th of July and Why We Are So Grateful

When I woke up this morning, I was aware it was a national holiday across the country for many people, which to some means a chance to avoid a clock alarm or to disable it. Then, I could stroll into the kitchen for a morning protein shake, others of you might select coffee, and check … Read more

Softly Call the Muster

April 21st marks the date that Texas Aggies around the world note the occasion of the passing of Aggies during the previous calendar year. The anniversary of Aggie Muster is held on the anniversary of the Battle of San Jacinto, the final battle of the Texas Revolution. Texas Aggie alumni are known worldwide for their … Read more

Preserving Living Memories

On this day in 2001, our world came to a halt as our lives changed forever. For some adults who’d been through World War II, they were no stranger to announcement of episodes of attack and nationwide fear that followed. Taking down the World Trade Center and the attempted takedown of the Pentagon took with … Read more

What Do You Consider an Heirloom?

Often when our parents decide to downsize and pack up a four-bedroom house into a lovely two-bedroom apartment in an active adult senior living community, it comes up more than once what they want to do in passing along items of sentimental value to another generation. That’s a solid and important tradition when your parents … Read more

Holy Week and the Power of Faith

With Holy Week approaching, I’ve been thinking about how fortunate it is to grow up in a family of faith, whatever religion we’re introduced to. As children we hear “Easter” and we think: bunny, candy, dress clothes. As adults we hear “Easter” and we think “faith.” For adults, when Palm Sunday arrives, all you have … Read more

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