Veterans Begin Life as Young People Who Want to Make a Difference

Look deep into the eyes of a Veteran today. It’s not hard to find one across the Brazos Valley. For those over 60 years old, chances are good that they are wearing a ball cap with their service insignia on the bill. Maybe they are wearing an old service jacket to stay warm in our … Read more

Comforting a Friend in the Loss of Their Child

There is perhaps no loss as devastating as the loss of a child as challenging times we face in our lifetimes as adults. We never expect them to precede us in life. We have fixed and firm opinions about how life is supposed to proceed. And yet, when we are faced with the loss of … Read more

If You Die Away from Home, What Happens?

  In today’s busy world, people are always busy, on the go, and have returned to a pretty full pace of traveling for work and play. The days when we were all mostly shut-in to our homes hunkered down have passed and we now battle incredible heat surges to be out and about. As a … Read more

Mother’s Day and the Opportunity to Say Thank You to All Those Who Mother Us

Long ago the holiday of Mother’s Day was thought to be confined to all those who were birth mothers to children. Cast in a traditional role, one saw pictures of children drawing happy scenes on construction paper with crayons to express their sentiments for the occasion. Fortunately, today, we realize that the title of Mother … Read more

Easter Offers a Chance for Renewal

Often in our worship lives we find ourselves drifting away from regular weekly worship. For adults, weekends are often used for out-of-town travel or home improvement projects that consume the full time off. There are times as adults we have to schedule time for church in our busy lives. For years we have said the … Read more

What Should I Bring to the Funeral Home?

What do I take to the Funeral Home? What clothes do we need to take to the Funeral Home? What should we bring for the visitation to make our ceremony special?  Whether you’ve chosen burial or cremation, if you want a time of public or family visitation for your loved one, select a full set of … Read more

Two Area Tournaments Slated “Fore” Good Causes

This week I’m celebrating the arrival of Spring and enjoying Daylight Savings Time. I’ve even asked some friends to join me think about how great mowed lawns look. Okay, so I’m playing in two golf tournaments. Same thing, right? To be fair, both occasions are for a good cause. I’m looking forward to Monday’s annual … Read more

Kristen Norton Joins Callaway-Jones Funeral & Cremation Centers as Funeral Director

Callaway-Jones Funeral and Cremation Centers is pleased to announce that Kristen Norton has recently joined our team as a Funeral Director, as she and her husband, Jeremy, have moved to B-CS from Tennessee. Most recently, she was a Funeral Director for Atchley Funeral Home in Tennessee and prior to that, she was a Funeral Director … Read more

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