Independence, Freedom, and Choices

This is the day when we break out the red, white, and blue décor and display our pride in being Americans with the rest of our community, same as we do every year at this time. Across the Brazos Valley some of our neighborhoods are staging their own parades and parents have helped their children … Read more

Let Freedom Ring — The 4th of July and Why We Are So Grateful

When I woke up this morning, I was aware it was a national holiday across the country for many people, which to some means a chance to avoid a clock alarm or to disable it. Then, I could stroll into the kitchen for a morning protein shake, others of you might select coffee, and check … Read more

Long May She Wave—That Flag We Raise on the 4th of July

Every year at this time I’ve always been proud of Bryan’s Flag Across Bryan program. It’s great to see streets lined with flags in front of businesses and then into the neighborhoods to see them up and down the streets. I’ve been equally proud of College Station Noon Lions Club’s “I Love America” celebration at … Read more

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