Sunsets of the Past – Sunrises of the Future

Callaway-Jones Sunset Rendering

Illuminated by the sun on a resplendent spring morning, over the Travis B. Bryan Municipal Golf Course, is the perfect view of the Callaway-Jones family vision, at 3001 S. College Avenue.

Facing the front, to the left our 1950s modest brick building stands, a home where our community has come together to pay our respects to our loved ones. In six decades, our family and yours shared views of many sunsets. We’ve held hands and looked ahead to the promises of tomorrow’s sunrise.

On our horizon today, in the heart of our community, to the right of “the old” is “the new”—our 21st century Funeral Center, a home with understated elegance. I gave great thought to our building’s design, one hopefully to last our family business for the next six decades. You’ll see sunlight filling every room, offering you warmth and comfort when you visit us.

You’ll always feel safe here, as you continue to entrust our family to bring honor and respect in commemorating the life of your loved one. We know how you want to be remembered. Thank you for remembering us during our construction phase. The wait has been long, but we think you’ll agree, it was worth it. We’re almost there!


What you can expect to see in our all-new Callaway-Jones Funeral and Cremation Center

The first thing you see when you park (and there will be plenty of places to park!) is a building that, from every angle, welcomes you into our home. Gone are the days when funeral homes were filled with low ceilings, low lighting, and the type of music and furniture that hearkened back to the days of Jane Austen and somber funeral services.

Today, your family will feel very much at home in our new center. Natural sunlight fills every room and you can’t help but be uplifted by the feeling of warmth as you have views of the outside from very large windows. With a one-floor design, we have tremendous high ceilings that make you feel more comfortable. Our furniture will also make you comfortable as you come in to talk about advance planning or to invite your friends to share time with you during visitations.

Many of our families today prefer to use Callaway-Jones as the site of the Celebration of Life or funeral ceremony, if their loved ones don’t have a regular house of worship they belonged to here. In our new service area, we can accommodate over 200 people comfortably. We can set up chairs in a pew style setting, or chairs and round tables as a banquet style setting—whatever you want for your service or family gathering time. There’s plenty of space now.

The new building is almost ready for you to come and see. Once we’re in our new offices, we’ll begin the poignant process of leveling the old building that has served us well for over 60 years. It will continue to serve us as we now make way for the much-needed parking spaces for those who will be attending services here.

You’ll also see we have two drive-through porte-cocheres that will accommodate any weather surprises that come our way, keeping you warm and dry no matter what’s going on around us. Parking will be available on all four sides of the facility, and there is ample handicapped parking available.

We’re now going to be able to offer a variety of receptions for your family to share a meal and time together, before or after a service. These will be available both at our site and when you want us to hold a service at a venue of your choice. We can seat 120 guests in a banquet-style setting and a variety of approved catering options are available for you. We’ve tried to think of everything you want and need and have it all here for you.

One especially important feature of our new center is still a surprise—we’ll tell you more about it when we’re ready to open our doors. You’ve never seen anything like it in the Brazos Valley before, and we know you will find that it will fit your needs to give your loved one a service that will bring your family comfort and a good feeling.

Our building may have changed but our address is the same and our family consistently continues to serve you when you need us.

“How will you be remembered?” That’s why we’re here. Together, we can answer that question, whether sunset or sunrise.

Cody D. Jones

Owner & Local Community Member
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Due to the construction on S College Ave our facility is only accessible via Dellwood St. Please refer to this map for reference. Dellwood St can be accessed via Cavitt Ave and Texas Ave.

For more information, please visit the Bryan, TX website.