Stanley Doering

Stanley Doering, 74, of San Antonio, passed away Tuesday January 6, 2015, at St. Joseph Regional Health Center in Bryan. Cremation services are in the care of Callaway-Jones Funeral Home and Crematory in Bryan, Texas. Check back later for full obituary.


  1. Stanley (aka Bobby) was a life long friend of Clyde Fuller my neighbor and mutual friend. Upon Clyde’s passing (2.5yrs ago), Bobby and I have tried to stay in touch. When he was in SAT we would get together or at least talk on the phone. I have tried several times to reach him on his SAT phone or on his cellular at his lake house. Today’s attempt found both phones disconnected. Both of us in our 70 so we of course discussed out aches and pains but none were thought to be life threatening or serious. I know he is missed by his family and friends and I miss him. I would be pleased if someone would let me know the circumstances of his passing. Don Bruce

  2. Bobby was my FIL best friend for life. I LOVED hearing the stories Clyde would tell about the two of them. I would look forward to it. I can see them now in Heaven together making new stories! RIP Bobby!

  3. Yelnats was by far my Fathers best friend! They were best friends since High School which is a pretty rare circumstance these days. I wish I had a book that told the tales of all the fun these 2 had. The stories are endless. I was extremely saddened to hear of Stanley’s passing but I know that he is in a better place and enjoying talking about old times up in Heaven with my Father. Which is probably driving my Mom crazy already!!. I , like Don, would like to know the circumstances of his passing and any details as to final arrangements so that we may pay our respects. He was a second Uncle to me and I will truly miss his laughter!. Bless you Bobby!, Bryan Fuller

  4. Just recently learned of Stan’s passing. What a shock! What happened? We talked on the phone not
    too long before. He was going to the lake.

    Stan was a great friend, one who always would call and check on my mother and me. I helped take
    care of his mother, Anne, for a while. What characters those two were together!!

    We are so very sorry for the family’s loss. He will be missed. Not only by you, the family, but also by
    his many friends from his former Sunday School class at Castle Hills lst Baptist Church.

    If you wouldn’t mind, some of us would like to know more details of what happened. If you feel like
    sharing, please contact me through’snail mail’ at 339 Tango, SAT 78216. My e-mail doesnot always
    work. Thank you.

    Again, Stan will/has been greatly missed. It was a comfort to know that he was always there. I guess
    we often forget that ‘always’ is not as long as we hope.

    Take care. Withe love, diane mann

  5. Stan. Was. My. Dad. He. Taught. Me alot. Of. Life. Skills. Now. That. Im. Older. I. Realized. That. He. Would. Sit. By. Me. At. Church. He. Is. Pease. Now. Thanku. Dad. Ill. See. You in. Haven. Terry