Spring Renewal: Rain, Flowers, Pollen, and Spring Again


Anyone who’s been charting the Brazos Valley Weather the past six weeks or so has seen the biggest dips in trends in many years. One afternoon we’re at a balmy 68°F and then the “severe weather alert” comes across radio, TV, and our phones. The hail inspectors are the busiest group of all it seems, yet spring is still in the air.

Driving to and from work we all see signs that we’ve all been hard at work transforming your lawns and gardens into places where new plant life has a chance of creating a sanctuary of beauty for summer ahead. I think we often feel that as we shed the coats of winter for short-sleeved days of spring and summer, we’re starting over with a clean slate.

People are walking around smiling with increased options for socially safe dining, a chance to leave home for some time away. Welcoming the new is as good for renewing our attitudes as it is for cleaning out flower beds once (or twice) in the spring.

Saying goodbye to loved ones also represents an opportunity for closure to some of our grief. Having that memorial service, indoors or outdoors, that you planned on last year, the times that restricted attendance by your full family. Acknowledging the loss of one you love as you’d hoped to do begins and sustains our healing.

Reordering, reprioritizing, and replanning our schedules for a new kind of 2021 present-day schedule often means restoring as much as we can, as quickly as we can, that “back to normal” we once had, and we’re making progress.

This weekend is the first of two in our annual BCS Parade of Homes tours. Builders from all over the Brazos Valley have been working relentlessly to finish their showcases that are sure to put you into the “spruce up your own home” mood, even if you’re not in the market for a new home. Many of our local builders are second- and third-generation Brazos Valley families who have either started as builders here or who are continuing their family tradition.

Also, you know every few years is a great time to remodel or add a home improvement to your present home, and our local craftspeople and suppliers are always ready with good advice, supplies, and tools you need. Be aware that if your spouse sees a great new lawn and garden landscaping project on the Parade of Homes and mentions to you that it’s nice and you agree…you might just very well find yourself recruited to help create something new around your house in the very near future. Just saying.

The City of Bryan has some great suggestions for “exploring the great outdoors” right now and on into the summer. Here are a few ideas to help you discover what’s waiting around the corner!

First, let’s talk about who’s making dinner tonight. There are so many wonderful restaurants (old and new) in Bryan and College Station. Check out this list of Yelp Reviews to help you find a few. Prices range from inexpensive tacos to gourmet hamburgers and some fun breakfasts in between. Click here.

Now, have you tried Ronin’s in downtown Bryan? Remember that old unused building formerly known as the Ice House? You must explore and see what is happening there; it’s a destination restaurant and you want to book your reservations early here!

Plus, for all dog lovers, here is a site for restaurants with outdoor dining where dogs are welcome! Click here. Also, if you have your pup with you on errands, remember many businesses with drive-throughs stock Milk-Bones for you. Not just restaurants but our local banks and dry cleaners love your dogs, too.

Right across the street from Callaway-Jones Funeral Center is the heart of the Midtown Development Project. Every day I get to look out our front window facing S. College Avenue and watch the bulldozers and cranes signaling progress on creating the amazing multi-experience area that will anchor the growth and expansion of Bryan for the next 50 years at least. As a young boy, it meant so much for me to be so close to the Travis B. Bryan Municipal Golf Course, and it was a second home to me until I learned to call many golf courses “home.”

The Travis Bryan Midtown Park holds the key to children and families spending wonderful times together and calling this area “their home away from home,” too. As I grew up here I know my parents were glad we had plenty of parks and swimming pools and places to play that were as easy to access as bring your own picnic basket and park your car nearby and spend a great afternoon. You could throw a football, kick a soccer ball, or throw a Frisbee and kick back and take it easy. Instant Saturday entertainment. It is on the return, in a major way here. Visit the City of  Bryan website here and download a colorful, informative city publication that showcases all the exciting new building ahead.

Near Bomber Field as it’s known now, we’re going to have a major baseball complex, and can you imagine how many families will fill the stands? Bryan-College Station is already home to so many regional and state athletic tournaments that our local businesses can continue to expand to meet the need of vibrant, growing families.

Earlier this month, “Representatives of BigShots Aggieland and the City of Bryan officially broke ground on April 7, 2021, on the 35,000‐square‐foot cutting‐edge golf, dining and entertainment venue,” publications show:

Travis Bryan Midtown Park

The heart of every community is a large group of young families, anchored in neighborhoods with wise mature adults and even smarter senior citizens. Our new developments are promising something for everyone here. As just one local, family-owned business, Callaway-Jones appreciates everything our leadership is doing to continue to strength our vitality and growth here. We at Callaway-Jones are proud to be in our fifth generation of serving the Brazos Valley. Chelsea and I are  also looking forward to that new indoor recreation facility! Meantime, I hope to see you on the golf course playing in some wonderful area golf tournaments!


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