Sonia Holyfield

Sonia Holyfield, 76, of Bryan, passed away Wednesday February 6, 2019. Services are private for family. Services are in the care of Callaway-Jones Funeral and Cremation Centers of Bryan College Station.


  1. Dearest Mom,
    Sorry I didn’t get to catch you before all this… I Love You ❤️ with every fathom of my being and Thank You for everything you have sacrificed! I appreciate Dad’s time in providing us with this closure !
    You have grown one feather at a time and now in full flight !!! That is totally cool Mom!
    I have Melanie to Thank for being a proxy as I thought to catch up with you!
    We had the best memories Christmas and Dad was so awesome to all of us—and he may never know how it helped in making it full circle!
    Daniel your Grandson had left a message on my phone for you but you are where you are now —guess some way you are able to feel his grief —and gratitude for you and Dad since he was a child!
    I’ll try not to wear black since you rather have a “joyful” send off—so I’ll do my best !
    I’m strong and not a stranger to any loss —these things are 2nd nature …… did a lot of work with bereavement and transport of bodies …—but when it’s your Mother —it takes a little longer to give gratitude and say see you later !
    I’m doing everything as you asked of me as best as I can…
    I am my “Mother’s Daughter” and that’s not a bad thing —cause being your Daughter showed me strength, tolerance and forgiveness=)
    We are going to have a celebration of life with your Sister—my Aunt Susie since she is not in the best of health -I transfer you —2 for one Mom -fly with me perhaps!
    If there is one thing I will improve on it is being a minimalist and emphasis on celebrating life , keep to my faith —most of all Mom you taught ME relinquish attachment to materialism —but I learned one thing on my own decades ago—relieves attachment to outcomes …

    I love you Mom

  2. Farewell Prayers & Love to you Mama Sonia. You gonna be missed so much. Especially my best friend Alex, your dear daughter. And da Rest of da Family & Friends. This mite be a good bye, But you will always be Remember & stay in our
    ❤ hearts❤, with your Loving memories. God Bless & RIP.

  3. Words seem inadequate to express our sorrow felt by the loss of sweet Sonia. May loving memories bring peace, comfort and strength now and in the future. Sending prayers and love for Sonia and all the family

  4. I know you will be greatly missed by everyone Auntie Sonia. We love you and our prayers go out to the entire family


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