New Local Phone App Offers Real Rewards for Safe Drivers – All of Us!

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Safe2Save App

Safe2Save App

At a recent meeting of our Bryan Rotary Club, I was pleased to see my friend, Marci Corry, founder of a very exciting phone app, “Save 2 Save,” which rewards drivers simply for not using their phones and texting while driving. It’s that easy. Marci is a local businesswoman who is also a very caring and dedicated mom and volunteer who cares about everyone driving the roads these days.

Visit the Web site, and see what’s in store for you. BaylorScott &White Health is a primary sponsor of this app, as are the City of Bryan and the City of College Station. When you download the app, please use our special referral code for you, PD9Rel, and get started earning rewards today.

All you do is that you do not text while you’re driving and you earn points that you can use for all kinds of free food and major discounts at places like Grub Burger Bar, Veritas, Mad Taco, and Buck’s, just four popular favorite places for people to eat. That’s great incentive to drive safely, as if saving your own life or someone else’s isn’t incentive enough!

Did you know that if you text while driving, you are 23 times more likely to be in an accident? Twenty-three times? If most drivers actually knew that statistic, they might be far less inclined to hold onto their thought until they can pull into a parking lot or over to the side of the road.

In College Station, since November 9, 2016, you know the law: you must use hands-free communications while driving or get a pricey ticket (from $25 to $200). But for the impatient, for the ones who say, “I can text and drive at the same time,” think again. Remember 23 times as likely for accident. Then remember: Earn rewards for using the Save2Save Driving App!

Finally, a reward for safe driving is here. Never mind the insurance “safe driver” discounts. When it comes to the attitudes of some of our less experienced drivers out there, the younger they are, it seems the more they think they are immortal. I remember feeling the same way. But somewhere along the way, I got wiser, or older, or both.

Fortunately for our newer drivers, they can restrain themselves from texting while driving when they see all of the participating businesses who offer rewards for great driving. Let’s talk food: Veritas, Grub Burger Bar, Mad Taco, Great American Cookies and more await you. If you are searching for gifts, Scripture Haven and for a brand new you, there’s Piranha’s Fitness Studio and Tune Up, the Manly Salon. Coffee treats are in store and so much more. Visit for the complete list.

Also, for all of our Brazos Valley readers, in addition to Bryan-College Station, the City of Madisonville is an official sponsor and already nine Madisonville businesses are reward sponsors.

Up the road in Waco, ten businesses are ready to reward you for safe driving. The City of Midland is all in, plus they have 12 businesses including Baskin-Robbins and Steak FortyTwo ready to reward. The City of Odessa is also on board with rewards, too.

As founder Marci Corry notes, the cities of Cypress and Jersey Village will soon be rolling out their list of businesses that reward text-free driving. Now, please keep in mind that Hurricane Harvey will have much to do with the timing, so be patient and keep checking back to sign in around Cypress and Jersey Village.

So, to take full advantage of this outstanding program, download the app on your phone. Reach out on social media, too. Visit their Facebook page ( and on Instagram (SAFE2SAVE).

Again, special thanks to BaylorScott&White Hospital and COPY CORNER for their leadership sponsorship role in this life-saving APP. I challenge each of you to join us in downloading the app, and when you do, please use our special referral code for you, PD9Rel, and get started earning rewards today. We at Callaway-Jones want you all to drive safely out there.


Cody D. Jones ‘02

Owner & Community Member