What Paul Harvey Used to Say, and Why We Say it Again

Before I started elementary school, I used to listen to KTAM-AM radio at home. At 12:00 noon each weekday, our conversation would stop when the Paul Harvey Radio Program came on the air. The minute I say, “Paul Harvey,” you can already say it, “And now you know the rest of the story!”

Talk about a radio icon—Paul Harvey was one for sure. He was also a prolific writer whose books are very likely on some of your bookshelves. News/talk radio is now a major radio format on its own, but at the time KTAM was playing contemporary music. So, Paul’s factual newscast was the “serious” part of my day at times. He always had the best behind-the-scenes stories of things that we never knew about famous people, often before they became famous.

Thinking of him again recently, it got me to thinking, about in life, as in death, there are always many side to a person’s life, legacy and story. Each facet, or side, is completely dependent on how we view things personally and then how we share and relate them to others that shapes life stories. There’s so much value in recording history now, while those you love are alive and capable of telling their stories.

Going through scrapbooks together with seniors, identifying people who were important in their lives, by name, and then hearing the stories about how the events captured in photos happened—you’ll find that invaluable one day, priceless in fact.

My message here in “The Eagle” begins with my thoughts for the week, but I always have more to say beyond this space. Just enter the address below into your browser to locate my blog or visit www.callawayjones.com/blog every week and discover…the rest of my story! Please feel free to comment and add your opinions. Let’s keep the conversation going!

And now…for the rest of the story. Yes, that phrase is as easily identifiable to you as the man who said it weekdays for the ABC Radio Networks heard around the country. As I thought about his wonderful storytelling ability, and the way he held people’s attention, that’s what inspired me to want to write a column for The Eagle, and then…continue the story on my blog here!

I did some research on Mr. Harvey, and the first thing I learned was that his radio name was his real name, or actually his first two names as the name he was born with was Paul Harvey Aurandt. Another fact is that he and his wife were founding members of the Humane Society and that was important to them throughout his lifetime. I knew I really respected him!

One thing I had no idea was one of “his claims to fame” was in creating new words that were readily adopted by so many people that you thought they’d been real accepted words forever. My online source noted he came up with the words “guesstimate” (I never knew where that came from), “skyjacker” (one we don’t want to hear, ever), and “Reaganomics” from 30 years ago.

It was said that Paul Harvey’s radio show had over 24,000,000 listeners each week who tuned in to hear the story behind the invention of everyday products, famous people who started out with humble beginnings, and everyday people who grew up to be heroes in our lives, whose accomplishments are now part of history books in schools today.

This YouTube (found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QRT964eDtyk) has the story of Lou King, the assumed name for a budding young prizefighter, who ultimately became a young entertainer named….well, I won’t ruin the story for you.

Every day he’d begin a broadcast was one of his catchphrases, “Hello, Americans! I’m Paul Harvey.” Then after he started his story, before the next break he’d say, “In a moment…. the rest of the story….” And at the very end he would say, “Now you know…the rest of the story,” and conclude his radio show with, “Paul Harvey…Good day.” Feels like it was just yesterday, doesn’t it?

In our world, every day at Callaway-Jones, it is our job to tell the stories of the lives of your loved ones. It is our privilege to be entrusted to do that for you and we are your partner in telling the story of your life for all who are here today, and for those who will want to know as much as they can in many years ahead, as they look back to the past, for answers, for details in genealogy and in family history. Thank you for trusting us. And as Paul Harvey would say, “Good day!”

Cody D. Jones ‘02

Owner & Community Member