Nancy Merdian


  1. Very sorry to read of the passing of your dear loved one Nancy. It seems that life is such a precious gift and yet so short-lived for the time we exist. I am writing to share a few words of comfort and encouragement from the source of truth the bible.
    God holds out a wonderful hope for all those in the grave. At John 11:25 Jesus said”I AM THE RESURRECTION AND THE LIFE. HE THAT EXERCIES FAITH IN ME, EVEN THOUGH HE DIES, WILL COME TO LIFE.” There are nine accounts of ones who were resurrected. What a blessed reason to hope on God! (John 5-28,29)
    With the gift of your memories of Nancy they will bring you great joy. When a loved one become a memory that memory turns into a treasure.
    Lean on Jehovah God for the strength you need at this sad time. (PSALMS 83-18)

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