The Value in a Plan, In Sports and in Life

Value in a Plan

How many times do we use the word “Plan” in the course of a day? I asked myself that question this week after hearing myself say it a few times within the space of one morning. To me, the word “plan” means action. Based on what I decide, I will take action. So, my plan is my course of action that I take at least a few minutes to think my way through before. I reach an agreement that the steps I take next are the right ones, the most efficient and ones that will lead to success.

After watching the Aggie women in their exhibition soccer match, and realizing that the men’s club has tryouts in just a few weeks, it’s that time of year again when we plan for the return of “all” the Aggies to our area. All the Aggie home football games are marked on our calendar, tickets in hand. We know we’ll be taking a few back roads to and from work for the first few weeks of classes until every freshman student with a car recognizes the value of the A&M shuttle buses, because there aren’t enough parking spaces, even though they have a permit.

Most plans are joyful. Many of us are still planning a week away from work before the summer is over (and it’s not officially over until Labor Day arrives). We know where we want to go, who we want to join us, and we look forward to the day when it arrives. Sometimes, though, we have to plan for things that are not as anxiously anticipated. Every day can bring news that someone we love passed away unexpectedly, without warning, in the prime of life.

Not having a plan is a plan, of sorts. We’re here when you need us. If you will come see us before you need us, we can plan together, and replace the element of surprise with peace of mind because you have…a plan.

I realize the concept of making a plan for when you or someone you love dies or even thinking that you expect them to die is unpleasant. Likely the very last thing on your “I really want to plan for a time when I’m not here or when my mom or dad isn’t here to do this” list. At least for 50% of the people I know, this is the case.

The entire insurance industry is built on guaranteeing that in the event of anything unpleasant (home insurance against tornados; car insurance against damage from an accident you caused or was caused to you; or, yes, life insurance) happening is far less likely than likely. My apologies to all my friends who are insurance agents for making a sweeping generalization, but the fact is that you take out a policy as a guarantee that something will or won’t happen. You are waging a war on statistics.

Insurance, however, brings peace of mind. By definition, you are “guaranteed” that there are financial means in place to take care of you, “in the unlikely event that something happens.” Now, here’s the difference between an insurance plan for a funeral and all other kinds of insurance. There’s 100% guarantee we are all going to die.

So, what are you guarding against by making a plan for your funeral before you need it? Price increases! As much as you have seen the prices of gas go up and down without warning, there is only one way that the costs of burial and cremation goes, and that is, unfortunately, up. The cost of home buying today is one example we see all around us. Remember what the house you grew up in cost your parents? How big was it? Now, look at the house you live in. What is the price of that house compared to that of your parents first house?

We are the most affordably priced funeral home in Bryan-College Station as we offer the greatest value for the money spent. I make sure that all of our costs are fully available online to show you, and we do our best every year to assure that we are always the most affordable funeral center and crematories in town. But imagine the cost savings to you to begin to pay for a funeral today that you won’t need for 20, 30 or even 40 years? That’s what we call a “pre-need” plan which is, in fact, an insurance policy that guarantees you every single thing you want for yourself or your loved one for down the road.

This week we’re hosting another in our “Lunch and Learn” programs, to help you pre-plan your funeral or one for someone who has asked you to be “the one” to take care of all these arrangements when the time comes. We’re fortunate to have on staff Sarah Kruitbosch, who is our advance planning expert specialist who clearly explains how you make a plan that’s right for you.

Although attendance is full for the free luncheon taking place on Monday, August 14 at the Southwood Community Center we will be doing another one in the near future. If the only plan you want to make this month is to find out more about how to make final arrangements, all you have to do is call our office at (979) 822-3717 and ask to be included on our list for the next session.

The bonus for taking care of these things today is to lock in the prices, with no hidden fees, surprises or anything else, and you have peace of mind that we will be here for many more generations to come in the future. Count on us, as always. Let us show you how to plan!

Cody D. Jones ‘02

Owner & Community Member

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