How can I personalize a funeral service?

One way is to bring personal items into the funeral home to be displayed in or near the casket. Example:  An artist could have their artwork displayed. A frequent golfer might have a favorite putter placed in the casket. A person who quilted could have the casket draped with a quilt they made. An keen hunter or fisherman might have some of their personal effects or trophies displayed on a memory table. A person’s favorite rocking chair could be brought to the funeral home and placed next to the casket. Also, if the person was an avid baker, their favorite treats could be baked and distributed to guests or the recipes could be printed and handed out.

(Source: ICCFA FAQs:

  1. These are some really great ideas. There are a lot more ways than I thought to personalize a funeral. Its a great idea to have a quilt they made in the casket with them. It feels like a funeral done this way would be more reflective.

    • I never thought about putting a homemade quilt in the casket. Maybe I should, I feel like it would help bring a more loving and sympathetic feel. My grandpa just passed a few days ago, so we’re trying to plan out his funeral.

  2. It is a really great idea to display the art of an artist at their funeral. Adding a personal touch like that would really mean alot to their family and friends. My grandma really loved wolves, so I think it would be nice to bring one of her many wolf statues or blankets to display by her casket at the funeral. I’m sure she would have loved the idea.

  3. Well for my funeral, I would want something that is basketball related since I love the sport. Most funeral homes should allow you to make it a bit more personal. The ideas you listed above seem like they would be a great idea for any of the situations listed.

  4. My grandpa who I was very close to just passed away. He was a hero for a lot of people, so we want to make sure his funeral services remember him in that way. I like your suggestion of bring personal items into the funeral home for display so that others that don’t know him as well can learn about him. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I appreciate the information on personalizing a funeral service. I agree that it is important to bring personal items to put around the casket, this can help bring back fond memories for those who are in attendance. My cousins are looking into funeral services, I will be sure to share this information with them.

  6. I like that you suggest to bring personal items into the funeral home to personalize the service. I can see why this would help make it service more meaningful. My grandpa is 93 years old. Hopefully he stays healthy, but if not, I’ll have to suggest to include some of his personal belongings at his funeral.

  7. What a great idea to bring personal items to the funeral home to personalize the funeral of the one deceased. My uncle was a soccer fan and an avid player when passed away my aunt brought his favorite soccer jersey to the funeral and had it draped over the coffin. It made it more personal for us as his family members and everyone that knew him would remember some of the things he loved. I think it’s important to keep in mind to keep it simple as well so that too items not taking away from the funeral service.

  8. I really like what was said about personalizing a funeral service in this article. It makes a lot of sense to me that you would want to make it personal, especially if the person you love has a hobby that is very notable. I remember when my aunt died we draped her favorite quilt over her casket in the funeral home. It was a great, sentimental touch.

  9. I loved your tips on how you can bring personal items and place them near the casquet when having a funeral. It is good to know that taking the time to learn about your options can help you find the best way to have funeral services for someone you cared about. Personally, I would want to find a funeral home that can accommodate all the guests I want to have and that encourage bringing personal items to make the services more pleasant for everyone.

  10. My family has to arrange a funeral soon and we would love to be able to personalize it somehow, but we don’t know how we could. That is a good idea to place some of the personal items from our loved one. Our grandma loved to quilt! We could display all of the ones she has made during the service. Thanks for the great ideas!

  11. I like the idea to make some treats that were a favorite of the deceased when at a funeral. My great-grandmother passed away, and she was a wonderful cook, so it would be nice to remember her in a small way by preparing some of the food she was known for. As we look for funeral homes, we hope that we will be able to have a memorable funeral for my great-grandmother.

  12. I liked the idea of bringing a personal object to the funeral and using it as decor. I’ve also heard that you could maybe put a stuffed animal or personalized handkerchief in the casket with them before it closes. Do you have any tips for choosing a funeral home?


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