Come See Us for Candy Land Halloween Fun!

If your plans find you with some Tiny Tot trick-or-treaters near College Avenue on Thursday, Oct. 31, then please stop by the front of Callaway-Jones, beginning at 5pm, where we will have our front parking area transformed into Candy Land, our Truck/Trunk or Treat headquarters for safe, prepacked bags of candy that you can take with you as you travel Bryan on the fun holiday.

We’ll also have some of the familiar images from Candy Land (all sweet, not scary) that are great, if you’d like to pose for photos (bring your phone!). There will be refreshments for the adults, and some quick games for the kids that they can easily master and win more candy. Halloween is also for adults who love summoning our inner child, so we will be out to greet you in (not scary) costumes!

We hear Wonder Woman might show up, possibly Count Chocula, and well, frankly, the staff is getting very secretive about their costumes. They want to surprise us. We promise, though, that we’ll be characters your little ones will love, not the scary kinds, and definitely nothing that will cause nightmares, we promise (this means no scary clowns!!).

We know that all the big kids can go out and about in the neighborhoods on their own, so we’ve tried to develop something especially for the little ones who are just learning about wearing a costume, holding a goody bag out, and having someone smile and put treats in.

Do you remember the board game Candy Land? There are 8 locations on the game board, and the colorful, winding pathway features colored squares. If you land on a “licorice space” you have to draw that same color again before you can move forward! There’s the Gingerbread Tree, Mr. Mint’s Peppermint Forest, the Gumdrop Mountain, Gramma Nutt’s peanut brittle house, Princess Lolly’s Lolly Forest, the Ice Cream Sea, with Princess Frostine, Gloppy the Molasses Monster of the Chocolate Swamp, and the Candy Castle, where you reach King Kandy himself!

Yes, I might have played this game a “few” times when I was growing up, but it’s a great excuse to eat candy, especially in the chocolate swamp. Rainbow trail and gumdrop pass get you around the board in short-cuts. Our staff remembered playing this game too, so outside our building out in front you’ll find our own rendition of Candy Land! Our team’s event this year is being coordinated by our own Anaili Hernandez, and we’re already having fun planning for you to stop by.

From 5 to 7 pm on Thursday, Oct. 31, park in our spacious parking lot behind our building, then walk to the front where we’ll have our Truck of Treats filled with secured goody bags for all our little people to enjoy.

Adults can enjoy refreshments, too, and we’ll have some photo booths set up where you can get cute pictures of your little ones, and watch them light up with glee when they see happy faces and big smiles! If your little ones are in strollers, they’ll still enjoy the excitement of their very own size Halloween!

There are many Trunk or Treat events happening in Bryan, we know, and this is our first year to do this, so we hope you’ll come out and join us starting at 5 pm! We love being on College Avenue in the heart of Bryan. We’re easy to find at 3001 S. College Avenue, right across from the Travis B. Bryan Golf Course. We can’t wait to see you at our Callaway-Jones Candy Land! If you have any questions, give us a call at (979) 822-3717. Happy All Hallow’s Eve to all!

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