Grayce Nadeau


  1. Karen, Lana, George, and family,
    Bus and Lydia are finally together again along with their loving spouses and parents. I will so miss the conversations I had with my kind and wise aunt, but I know I will see her again soon.

    May your grief be short lived and your memories of your wonderful mother comfort you always.
    All my love, Marsha

  2. Dear Randy,
    This message is just for you…What an incredibly wonderful person you are for being your mom’s steadfast companion and best friend for all of these years. You gave comfort and strength to her in her final days, and that is truly inspiring. You were, and are, a real blessing to your mom and family.
    Love, Marsha

  3. I never got the chance to meet Grandma Grayce but I feel like I know her through her family. My thoughts and prayers go out to Karen & Lee, Randy and my husband Michael. I know that Grandma Grayce was a wonderful, strong woman who touched the lives of many people. Grandma and I share the name “Grayce”, my middle name is “Grace” and I knew that it was special when I met her grandson, Mike. Now you can dance with your husband and the angels in heaven.

    With love,
    Janine Price

  4. Karen, Lana, George, and Family,
    I will continue to have such fond memories of our days in the Canal Zone I think we are all lucky to have been part of such a unique era in American history. All my wonderful memories of Balboa, I owe to your mother. She was always so very nice to me. My sincerest condolences to your entire family……Virginia

  5. Your Mom and I worked together and she was a loving, gracious person. I admired her as in those days being a single women working was not a cup of tea. She was very giving, high integrity. My husband worked on your car George, believe it was a trams Am or firebird. We were all blessed by her.