Spirit and Love Abound This Christmas in BCS

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Over the past three weeks, I’ve watched so many people come to our lobby holding bags, sacks, and boxes of gifts. They’ve come to honor the memory of Hazana Anderson, supporting Scotty’s House and Project Unity with gifts of toys and warm clothing for children. Giving spirit and love abound here in BCS.

Like no other giving drive in behalf of area children before, it’s unforgettable. Seeing so many of you remembering Hazana’s life with your love is a gift itself. Importantly—at the same time—the Bryan-College Station community equally and graciously has supported the Salvation Army Angel Tree, Radio MASH, the Bryan PD tree. This Christmas Day, so many children will feel remembered.

Walsh & Mangan Real Estate Group has been our partner in collecting toys and clothing in South College Station. Their drive continues through Dec. 18, Tuesday, so keep that in mind if you’d like to donate there at 1645 Greens Prairie Road.


Attorney Chad Jones donated two giant bags of brand new winter jackets for children.  

Each gift from the community was brought in with heart. Some of our visitors cried as they stared at the boxes, knowing what had happened to bring us all together. Others came in with stories to share.

Our entire staff has been impacted with the uplifting spirits of goodness and kindness you all have shown in these weeks.

There are so many community members, friends, and businesses to thank for remembering Hazana Anderson’s life. When you see those individuals and businesses who’ve participated in this community-wide effort, please take a moment to share your thoughts on their giving spirits. In our Bryan-College Station community, giving hearts are something we never want to take for granted. We appreciate each of you.

Some of the individual gifts we’ve seen come in have the most beautiful stories to them. One dear woman who’d been on the VEST search team searching for Hazana when she was first reported missing brought her childhood teddy bear in for Project Unity because “It just needs to be here for another child to hold.” Just think, she’d held onto precious bear all her life and this occasion is the reason she saw fit to donate him.

Mary Jo Prince, another VEST search team member, hosted a Facebook fundraiser for her birthday benefiting Scotty’s House, raising over $500 in memory of Hazana.

It was especially moving to see a gentleman, Billie Ellis, come in the day of Hazana’s public visitation. He quietly handed our receptionist the most outstanding wooden carving of an angel, with Hazana’s name engraved within it. An Aggie, Class of 1977, said modestly that it was on his heart to make that gift for her family.

Locally owned businesses stepped up to make certain that the public visitation was made comforting for the Anderson family. These businesses reached out to us to ask to participate. This brings an additional level of appreciation for anticipating the family’s needs. Must Be Heaven called and volunteered to prepare a beautiful, bountiful meal for the family.





Post Oak Florist created a casket spray with purple flowers and a tiny angel in it and additional arrangements for the visitation.





Nita’s Flowers designed a healing white cross of flowers with pink buds interspersed to honor Hazana’s life and flowers for our lobby.







Each of the Anderson family members went by the boxes filled in the lobby, they stood in silent appreciation at the beautiful flowers. They surveyed the beautiful meal that was prepared for them, and they were able to find healing and peace in greeting the many of you who came to express your sympathies and pay your respects.

Following the service and visitation, the outstanding management team at Home2 Suites by Hilton in College Station welcomed the out-of-town members of the family. They had a lovely place to rest after their travels here and spend the night after the day’s events. They truly are the home away from home.


Special thanks to our local media teams who gave their time and coverage to the two collection drives benefiting Scotty’s House and Project Unity.

KBTX interviewed representatives from both agencies and told the community about their missions and supported our collection drives, sharing news about the public visitation. KAGS let the community know about the public visitation and the mission in memory of Hazana. KWKT-Fox44 also showed their own story about our collection efforts.

Crystal Dupre, Publisher of The Eagle, included Hazana’s tribute in the Sunday issue prior to her public visitation. Reporter Rebecca Fiedler attended the service and wrote a beautiful story, eloquently describing caring hearts among our first responders in our community.

I’d like to also commend my entire team at Callaway-Jones. Each of them volunteered to work, donating their time to support the Anderson family. It’s not every day that every single employee would ask their boss if they can work and do anything to help. This help was given over many weeks and I couldn’t be prouder to work with this team.

We still have through Wednesday, Dec. 19th to collect your donations, both at Callaway-Jones Funeral and Cremation Center in Bryan and at Walsh & Mangan in South College Station. We’ve had Scotty’s House and Project Unity coming regularly for item pickup, as our boxes overflow almost daily from your generosity.