Transferring Your Pre-Paid Funeral Policy Is Easy

Since opening our newest Funeral and Cremation Center, I’ve been asked the same question a few times, so I thought it would be a good idea to share the answer here. If you already have a pre-need policy for your funeral and it was written somewhere else, can Callaway-Jones accept it? The answer is yes, absolutely.

Bryan-College Station and the Brazos Valley continues to grow daily, with many of us relocating our beloved parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents here to join us, to be closer to doctors and hospitals. And, as is typical of the generation before ours, they took care of business when they were in their 50s and 60s, so they’d have their affairs in order, for the future.

So, the natural question among those who relocate here to their families is: “So will my pre-paid funeral policy transfer to Callaway-Jones?” The answer is “Yes, and we make it easy for you.” That’s the beauty of having funeral insurance—it’s your policy to do with whatever you want, whenever you want. Your family member who’s seeing your final arrangement plans through can contact us, and we’ll accept your policy and follow it in its entirety, with no surprise costs to you or add-ons. That’s the peace of mind we offer you.

As you know, we have our Advance Planning Specialist, Sarah Conway. If you’d like to visit with her, or with me, please call or come by our funeral center. We encourage pre-planning questions and discussions, whether you’re ready to make final decisions. The more you know about your choices now brings you peace of mind and time to think about what you’d really like to have when your family and friends gather to remember you. Plan now, for peace of mind!

As some examples of how we help you when you relocate a family member here who already has a funded funeral insurance policy, all you have to do is sign over the policy to us and we fulfill everything that was stated in that policy. If your senior requests a church funeral, and the church was originally in their hometown, and you’re members of a local church here, we can help you reach out to your church for their availability for the service at a day and time of your choosing.

Whether your senior has chosen burial or cremation, we have caskets for your choosing that are just like the ones your senior will have specified (color, decoration, etc.). If military honors are requested in your senior’s plan all we need is their DD-214 form and we will take care of contacting the veterans group for military honors at the service.

If cremation was your loved one’s choice, we have our own Magnolia Suite here for a private family gathering/viewing prior to the cremation process. The family can remain during the cremation, with the curtain closed or open for final goodbyes. We have a large selection of cremation urns that you’ll find meet the one chosen by your loved one.

Our present-day senior population is really to be commended for taking time early in their 50s and 60s to start making choices and plans for their final arrangements. Today, we’re seeing more of the Baby Boomers in our funeral home as they start thinking the way their parents thought—well ahead of the need. It’s a good idea, because we don’t know what life brings. And when you have a funeral policy in place, you don’t have to worry “Where is the money going to come from?” when the need comes sooner than you’d planned.

Today’s seniors are happy to relocate to be with family and closer to the great doctors, nurses, and hospitals that we have here in the Brazos Valley. Now, they can also be reassured that all the plans and choices they made early will be funded exactly the way they’d specified, even though they made these decisions in another town or state. Actually, it’s not just when you relocate from out of town or out of state that you can transfer a funeral policy. The choice can be made any time, any day, anywhere.

It’s your right to have everything the way you want it in planning funeral arrangements, whether they are your own, or whether your family member has entrusted you to be the one to carry out their final plans the way they specifically request. You’re not tied to a funeral home in Lawrence, Kansas, just because that is the family’s choice of funeral homes for the time they lived there.

We have reciprocal agreement and understanding across our profession that takes into account the full knowledge that people relocate and they need a local funeral provider, even if the bodies are being transported back home for final resting place.  Never be uncomfortable in talking with funeral professionals about specifying your wishes and pointing out what is guaranteed by your prefunded policy. We are always here for you and we listen to what you want. We don’t tell you what you “should” do. That is a Callaway-Jones difference that we’re proud of.

You never have to worry about hidden costs or pressures to overspend beyond your loved one’s policy. We simply fulfill the plans that were made in their behalf and bring you peace of mind because of it. If you have any questions at all or if you’d like to come in and talk to us about how we can know of your wishes for us to take care of your loved one when the time comes. We’re here for you, and your family who relocates to the Brazos Valley to be with you, at all times.

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