Is a funeral or memorial service always held in a funeral home or place of worship?

A service can usually be held at any location that family and friends feel would be comfortable and appropriate. We can assist with arranging a meaningful service wherever you feel it would be appropriate.

(Source: ICCFA FAQs:

  1. I had always assumed that funerals were only held in a funeral home. It’s good to know that the funeral home could help hold a funeral at any fitting location. I know my dad would like to have his funeral out in his garden.

  2. I bet a lot of people would want to have their funeral in a place of worship. But if you weren’t a religious person or don’t believe in an afterlife, I don’t see why you would have to do your funeral there. I watched a movie one time where a girl died but she wanted her funeral in a park in New York with music and dancing and a popcorn machine.


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