We Have Valentines on our Minds! How About You?

As Valentine’s Day rolls around this year, Chelsea and I want to say, “Thank you” and “We Care” to all of you on our staff who are close to us in our hearts. In a day and time when we’ve all been “beyond busy” in our professional lives, in-house there’s a group of people who deserve extra recognition and this is the appropriate time to do it.

Fortunately, holidays force us to take the time to think about who we want to lift up and say “Thank you” to for all the ways in which our team members encourage our local heroes for being all they can be. Our police, fire, and emergency services personnel daily save our lives, and have our heartfelt regards for doing so. That they are “there” to help, assist, and protect us from harm means so much.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t just mean a chocolate-coated card and some treats (although there’s nothing wrong with chocolate!). It’s a time to say thank-you to the angels (Chelsea suggested “Cody’s Angels”) working in both of our locations to serve our families. These full-time angels include Patti Wade, Receptionist & Family Service Professional, Jean Scott, Office Manager, Amber Mastrobattista, Graphic Designer, Charlene Rathjen, Accounting, and Jessica Starr, Advance Planning Specialist. Of course, we have other part-time angels.

Now, in our home, as Rowen, Bowtie Bogey, and I would all agree, Chelsea is our favorite angel, who makes every day so special for the Jones family. Days pass by so quickly right now, it’s rare to get a few minutes to plan ahead for celebrating.

Did you know that over 180 Million Valentine’s Day cards are exchanged every year? Web site Detechter.com notes that of those, 85% of those cards are purchased by women while men buy 73% of all flowers! What will you be doing for your Valentines this year?  From our home to yours, Happy Valentines Day!

Cody D. Jones ’02 and Chelsea Jones ‘11

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