Three Reasons You Should Visit Our New Funeral Center

Callaway-Jones Lobby

Callaway-Jones LobbyLast year, you traveled College Avenue in Bryan when we were in the final stages of transitioning from the old to the new generation funeral center. Callaway-Jones is now in its seventh decade of operation in the Brazos Valley. At last—we have a new home. And yes, it is exquisite (we’ve been told), but we remember all who visited our 1950s home. It served us well.

Even when unwelcome street flooding challenged us, limited parking constrained us, and shorter ceilings limited us, you saw past all that. You believed that what’s on the outside or inside of a building is one thing, but what’s inside the hearts of the people here to serve you is most important. Today, we’re very excited to offer you a new funeral center that our five generations of family would be proud to see.

Many of you have dropped by to check us out, and we’re delighted! Possibly some of you are waiting until when you need us, to see what’s on the inside. Here’s three reasons to visit now, rather than later.

  1. Approaching our parking lot from College Avenue and/or Dellwood Street, see a beautiful building filled with warm rays of sunshine from windows where warmth pierces the veil of darkness we perceive inside.
  2. Tall ceilings give you all the space you need to not feel trapped or confined as you spend time here.
  3. We’re not overly opulent. We’re careful stewards of our own funds, which is how we approach our business with you. From the moment you enter and see all we offer you— visitation, funeral or cremation ceremony—you’ll see why we call our home a Funeral Center. You are always central in our minds and hearts and welcome anytime.

Callaway-Jones Funeral Center Award

In the Brazos Valley, the changes that we have made in the look and feel of our new funeral center actually began in our planning several years ago. Last year, I shared with you the history of our family business. Hard to believe that over 100 years ago, so many funeral homes were services held in your own home, and the funeral services were conducted downstairs. Often, funerals were held upstairs from a site over a downstairs furniture store.

Whether you grew up calling our business a funeral parlor, a mortuary, or a funeral home back in the day, the first images you likely thought of are the heavy draperies covering the windows, the absence of light and a somewhat closed-up feeling that might even create a feeling of claustrophobia. Even our old building tried to dispel that feeling as we wanted to provide as much a feeling of home that we could, with what we had to work with.

Today, however, I’m so excited to share with you what our new funeral center has to offer. We call it a ‘center’ now not to be fancy or try to impress. Instead, when you walk through the doors of our new entryway, you will see that you’ve got a covered porte cochère under which you are protected from the weather as you are dropped off.

Callaway-Jones Funeral Center Legacy Lounge

Entering through our Texas country doors, you see beautiful tall ceilings, natural light from everywhere you turn in the room. Gone is the somber, sad feeling you used to have when everything was so dark and covered up. Our centrally located open fireplace exudes warmth and comfort, particularly in these very chilly winter days.

We believe that you can pay your respects, reverently, but in comfort, like the surroundings of your own home. Our chapel is designed for maximum utility in serving your family. The very front of the grand room is designed for funeral and cremation ceremonies, along with our Custom Tribute and Life Celebrations that we design for you.

Callaway-Jones Funeral Center Event Room

We can accommodate large and small services in the same community room. Or, if you prefer no service at all, rather preferring a time for visitation, we can also configure the Pecan Room with comfortable tables and chairs where you can offer your guests a place to share time and a catered meal with you. We have several caterers available to you that will serve your needs inside our facility. We will share more about our new funeral center next week.

But in the meantime, we invite you to come by and visit us and let us show you our beautiful new building. Come on inside and see why we are so proud of our new funeral center.  You are most welcome, anytime.

Cody D. Jones ‘02

Owner & Community Member


Due to the construction on S College Ave our facility is only accessible via Dellwood St. Please refer to this map for reference. Dellwood St can be accessed via Cavitt Ave and Texas Ave.

For more information, please visit the Bryan, TX website.