Cindy Sherrill-Leo

Cindy Sherrill-Leo
May 1, 1929


  1. Dear Friends,

    Today we should mourn for the most impressive advocate for Texas Museums that I have ever known. We in Texas claim her, but really she was admired by people all over the United States and in several different countries. No matter where she went she was a ‘larger than life’ persona dedicated to the preservation of museums and to the people that worked in them. She would arrive on scene with her Texas boots, hat, and turquoise– and she never failed to make an impression, both for her knowledge of museums as well as for her incredible memory about the individuals working in them. She was a teacher and most of all a mentor.

    I met her when I was studying conservation in Mexico. She had arranged an international conference held in part at my school. She left the important people and came to eat lunch on the grass with the students. I had the honor of translating for her. Years later she remembered a lowly student she had met in a foreign country and proceeded to put my skills together with people who wanted them. I was honored to teach conservation for her at Winedale for over 25 years. She always had incisive questions and was willing to listen to the concerns of any student.. What’s more, she was always willing to help when needed. And, she could enjoy drinking a longneck, tell a joke and laugh with great gusto!

    To me, her spirit lives on in the mentoring actions of the thousands people she worked with– she taught them how. Today I can close my eyes and see her and Long Jack doing the ‘Cotton- Eyed- Joe’, then gracefully waltzing across Texas together. That is a beautiful sight to behold.

    Love you always Cindy!


  2. My love to you, Jack, and your family. What a special lady and friend we have all lost. I am so honored to have been among her many friends.

  3. Jack – Victor called my attention to the notice in the paper about Cindy’s death. We are so sorry to learn of this and are wondering how you are doing. We had tried to locate you in Galveston several years back. In fact, Vic said he left a message on your voice mail one time.
    Sorry we didn’t know she was in town and that probably you were also.

    God bless you. I know this is a terrible time for you.
    Jo Ann

  4. Cindy was one in a million. She lives on in all of us who were mentored by her. My heartfelt condolences to you, Jack.


  5. Jack, Bonnie and I are sorry to hear of your loss. You and your family has been a stimulas in our conversations and adventures. After you went to Alaska and later returned, we often dreamed of such a trip, Building a house with poured tarasa through- out and your son being a congressional aid. Well we have since travelled to Alaska many times, We built our own house out here where you camped out and we too, enjoyed watching our boys grow into fine men.Maybe some day we will get to work on a shrimp boat.
    Your old friend,
    Al Shaffer

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