Saluting Our Local Funeral Center Vendors – C&C Lawn and Irrigation

C&C Lawn and Irrigation

C&C Lawn and Irrigation

If you’ve visited our new Funeral Center on College Avenue, I hope you like what you’ve seen outside—our new landscaping. I’d like to tell you who is responsible for what you see, and brag on him for a minute.  I’d already planned to call Chris Cash, of C&C Lawn & Irrigation for that part of the new design. I trusted him to know exactly what to do. We’ve been friends here since Bryan High.

One of the special things about living in the Brazos Valley is that we are a people-to-people town, more than a B2B community (business to business). When you’ve worked here all your life, you already know the local business landscape and what everyone can do.  When you’re building something new, you pick your team from friends and neighbors you know.

C&C Lawn and Irrigation

Chris Cash grew up in Bryan’s Copperfield area a “few” decades ago, and he still remembers how specific that Bryan neighborhood was about each yard. While he was in Bryan High, Chris studied hard in school and worked weekends on all his yards.  Every year his business grew, and his professional team continues to expand, just by people seeing his lawns. I especially appreciate his creativity while sticking to a budget.

We planned early though, and while the rain went on and the parking lot was being finished, Chris secured City of Bryan permits, and he’d chosen his soil, irrigation supplies, plants, and trees from local vendors. C&C had just about two weeks for Chris’ team to work their magic, but they did. Drive by our new Funeral Center on College Avenue and see why we’re so proud of C&C.

C&C Lawn and Irrigation

Our external architecture plan that Chris Cash designed for us is a perfect combination of functional landscaping with seasonal beauty and complimentary colors. We have some basic shrubbery that encases our perimeter and is designed to grow quickly, providing a tasteful buffer from the noise of traffic on College Avenue.

We have many evergreen bushes with red holly berries around our outside perimeter. Closer to the building we have some hearty Japanese ligustrum with attractive white flowers adding their complimentary color. Our two major electric signs out front are beautifully landscaped as well. Chris and his team worked super-quickly and did their work in a solid two weeks’ time because they already had their plan designed and their permits secured. Still, they worked fast!

You can’t have a business in Texas, or the Brazos Valley without the beautiful crape myrtle trees. They’re a favorite of mine, and Chris counts on Circle D Nurseries for their hearty stock.  Crape Myrtles are so important to sprucing up so many Bryan Streets, including College Avenue, and we’re glad to add ours in to that count. We also have some Texas mountain laurels that Chris chose as part of our evergreen shrubs.

C&C Lawn and Irrigation

The beautiful green lawn is from C&C’s first choice, All American Stone & Turf, and that was the first thing that was installed after the irrigation system was set. The final touches included the color of some small red rosebushes, continuing some of the tradition we had around our old building, and some purple impatience in the back and the front of the building. Much of last week, it was raining, and skies were very grey, but I knew it just meant that the new foliage would be blooming sooner with the benefit of rain water.

No matter how much rain enters our lives, seemingly inconveniencing us, there is always sunshine that will shine through the clouds. When the flowers bloom, we are reminded of the renewal of life. Next time you’re on College Avenue, slow down a little and see what our friend Chris Cash and his team created for us. Yes, we might be a tad overly proud of our landscaping, but frankly, I’ll never stop pointing out why the Brazos Valley is a wonderful place to live and work. Our cup runneth over.

C&C Lawn and IrrigationC&C Lawn and IrrigationC&C Lawn and Irrigation


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