Kitty Worley

Mary C. “Kitty” Worley

May 15, 1923


  1. I know you have so many wonderful memories of Kitty. When a loved one becomes a memory, the memories become a treasure.

  2. Dear Kitty was my Spanish teacher forty years ago. Her dedication to her job and to her students will be fondly remembered by all. May you all hold dear her memories and God bless you.

  3. The angels are pleased to receive such a wonderful woman in heaven. Thank you for all of your teaching and patience. Thanks to the four years of Spanish that you shared with me, I married a beautiful Colombian woman. My life would certainly be different without your influence in my life. Those you’ve left behind are in my prayers. God bless you Mrs. Worley.

  4. Mrs. Worley was such a wonderful person and mentor and will be missed by all who knew her. As far back as I can remember she was always there-in church, school, or Girl Scouts.

  5. Fond memmories of our son Jason in Spanish class for four years. Mrs. Worley made a Spanish 5 for her advanced students when Jason was in school. Remember collecting cans and having to bring them to her house. A fine lady that will be sorely missed by her students and the city.

  6. I am out of town this week and unable to attend the service for our beloved Kitty, so allow me to write a few thoughts about her.
    She (and Will) was always the one of the most thoughtful people, not simply considerate of others, but genuinely interested in them, and in encouraging them. In my own life, though we only saw one another mornings at AeroFit and at theatre functions, Kitty always made me feel that she was completely delighted to see me, which of course, made her a delight for me…always a delight.
    She was a testimony of giving and self-sacrifice, and a beautiful reflection of God’s love and caring.

  7. Dear Worley Family,

    Please accept my sincerest condolences at the passing of this very lovely lady, whom I had the distinct pleasure of meeting when Barbara Worley moved north to work with me in Massachusetts.

    I will always remember her enthusiasm for life, her commitment to causes she believed in and her very gracious nature.

    I consider myself a person of extreme good fortune to have met such a remarkable woman.

    Kindest thoughts are with you all.

    Barb Smith,
    CEO, Girl Scouts of Montachusett Council
    Worcester, Massachusetts

  8. I first met Kitty in 1995 when I invited her to read for our Spanish-speaking families at our very first Family Reading Night. I’d heard what a delightful person she was, and of course, she was a huge hit! She dramatized the stories, she told the parents how to help their children be successful in school, and she made them laugh! Well, 12 years later, in Nov., 2006, we had our 12th Family Reading Night, and Kitty was back, for the 12th time! The families loved her, and she always bought books at our Book Fair and sent one to each child who had been in her group that night. She was a dear, precious person, and I feel lucky to have known her. I told Kitty in November that I didn’t think we could have Family Reading Night without her. Of course, we will go on with this event, just as she would have wanted it, but I can tell you for sure that it will never be the same without her. We will all miss her so much. Love, Joan Moore, Librarian, Johnson Elementary School, Bryan

  9. Kitty – Will have been for a long time, and will continue to be, much loved members of Aerofit Health – Fitness center family.

    We will remember Kitty with joy and fondness. Our prayer is that we are able to take her incredible role model of how to love and inspire as part of our own lives to make a difference for others.

    To Will – – We love you, we are here.

    Kathy – the entire Aerofit family

  10. My prayers go out to the Worley family. I loved Mrs. Worley and will miss seeing her at OPAS performances and around town. I pray that God will comfort you during this sad time. When my parents died, I realized that our memories are like a rainbow for our mind after the storm.

    You have such great stories and memories to help you remember what a wonderful mother and wife she was.

    One of the things that I remember about Mrs. Worley’s Spanish class was the song, ‘Un Elefante’. I doubt I ever got all the words correct, but I still remember the tune and my ‘made up version’ of the words. Our family still sings it from time to time and reminisce about Mrs. Worley. In case you would like the ‘real’ words:

    Un elefante se balanceaba

    Un elefante se balanceaba
    sobre la tela de una arana,
    como veia que resistia
    fue a llamar a otro elefante.

    Dos elefantes se balanceaban,
    sobre la tela de una arana,
    como veian que resistia
    fueron a llamar a otro elefante.

    Tres elefantes…
    Cuatro elefantes…


    A Balancing Elephant

    An elephant stood on the web of a spider.
    She felt it was strong, it couldn’t be tighter.
    Along came her friend. She called to invite her.
    Two elephants stood on the web of a spider.

    Two elephants stood on the web of a spider.
    They felt it was strong, it couldn’t be tighter.
    Along came their friend. They called to invite her.
    Three elephants stood on the web of a spider.

    Three elephants…
    Four elephants…

  11. My family first met the Worley’s in the early 1980’s at the A-M Presbyterian Church. I had two young daughters, Amber and Shelly. Will and Kitty were wonderful, so involved in the church and took a genuine interest in others. I have since moved away, but saw Kitty and Will in College Station. They still remembered us and made us feel special. Kitty will be missed. Our prayers are with the family. God bless.

  12. As teacher, friend, and neighbor Kitty will never be forgotten. It is hard for me to imagine any gathering of classmates where

  13. I have wonderful memories of Mrs Worley, She was a great teacher! She was so excited about teaching and helping students learn and excel in life. To her teaching was more of joy than a job. Thank you for caring about your students! God bless you and your family. you were one of a kind!

  14. To the Worley Family:
    Although I have been gone from College Station for many years, Mrs. Worley always made me feel welcomed and loved when I visited Covanent Presbyterian Church. I know we will all miss her bright smile and wonderful sense of adventure. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
    Rachael Treybig Tucker

  15. Dear Fred and Family, My sister-in-law Locke Pachall informed me that your beloved mom had passed away. She was a wonderful lady and a teacher that I will remember for the rest of my life! I sent her a note a couple of weeks ago telling her how special she was to me.I hope she got it and read it. I had her in the second grade in the early 1950’s and again in high school when she taught me Spanish I. Both our families lived on Dexter street when we were growing up and I have many fond memories of the neighborhod kids who lived on or near this street. My mother passed away two years ago this past January 2nd at 87 years of age. It was terribly difficult losing her and so I can sympathize with your loss. I pray God’s blessings on you and your family. I look forward to seeing you at a future class of ’65 reunion. ~FRM~

  16. She was an amazing woman who touched many lives. I can’t help but smile to think of her dressed for Halloween every year at school. And the bright ring of happiness in her voice as you passed her each day.
    Your family is in my thoughts. Peace be with you all.

  17. I too was a student of Mrs. Worley and I am grateful that I had the chance to learn from her. She was a great teacher, and an even better person.

  18. Mr. Worley and Family,

    You are in our thoughts and prayers at the loss of Kitty. I always enjoyed visiting with her and seeing her wonderful smiling face at the yearly Women of Distinction luncheon and banquet. What a sweet lady! We will all miss her dearly.

  19. Senora Worley was my Spanish teacher 22 years ago and was one of the most passionate and enthusiastic teachers I ever had. My sister Shelby and I took her class together and can both say she had a impact on our lives. I’m certain that if their are recycleable cans in heaven Kitty has already started to accumulate them. She was a wonderful person and will be greatly missed. Adios Senora Worley, gracias para todo!

  20. Mrs. Worley was a wonderful teacher and she will be missed. I feel fortunate to have known her. The Class of 1986.

  21. I hsve often claimed to have been Elenor’s first boyfriend when we were about 4 years old, so I am particularly saddened by your loss. Warmest best wishes to you all.

    Russell Welch

  22. I have enjoyed Kitty these past 2 years in College Station at many events and clubs and have been blessed by her son, Fred and his wife, Barabara and know their loss. You are blessed to have her died like this– may we all be so fortunate. Take good care of Will– keep him laughing.
    Much love, Sandy

  23. I have enjoyed Kitty these past 2 years in College Station at many events and clubs and have been blessed by her son, Fred and his wife, Barabara and know their loss. You are blessed to have her died like this– may we all be so fortunate. Take good care of Will– keep him laughing.
    Much love, Sandy

  24. To the Worley family: I wanted to let you know how much Sra. Worley meant to me. She was such a wonderful person. I was in her Spanish classes for 4 years, participated in many activities of El Club Castellano, traveled to Mexico with her groups twice and developed a love of languages with an enthusiastic boost from her. I often visited her on trips home to College Station and enjoyed listening to her tell my kids about my high school antics. My parents, my brother John and my sisters Karen and Martha also learned Spanish from Sra. Worley. We all adored her energy, her love of the Spanish language and Latin American culture and her endearing personality. My condolences to you. She was a very, very special person to many, many people.

  25. I was so fortunate to get to see Mrs. Worley at a get together at Penny Hancocks a couple of years ago. She made everyone’s day that day.
    She was my second grade teacher and also my High School Spanish teacher. I stillcant speak Spanish very well but always remember her energy and caring for all her students. Thanks to all the Worley family for sharing your wonderful Mom with all of us .

  26. Barbara,
    I was so sorry to hear about the loss of your sweet mother. While I never had her as a teacher I can still remember the joy she brought to the halls of CHS! I hold you and your family close to my heart as you walk through this time of sorrow.

  27. I didn’t have the honor of taking a Spanish Class with Senora Worley. But that didn’t matter to her. She loved every student that walked the halls of A-M Consolidated. Living down the street from the Worleys meant you always had a friend to talk to at anytime. It also meant the use of our house for Los Posada at Christmas. She always made me feel like I was home again when I saw her at Covenant Church. I agree that she has already started collecting cans and pull tabs in heaven. And making sure everyone up there is reading and learning spanish. God Bless you Senora Worley.

  28. I sincerely hope that Senora Worley realized in life the impact that she had on the lives of so many. As a transfer student to A-M Consolidated during my Junior year of HS (1985), Senora Worley took me under her wing and made me feel so welcome. Although I never became the ace spanish student, I enjoyed her classes immensely and have wonderful memories of her smiles and enthusiasm. God speed Senora Worley. I sincerely feel that the angels must be rejoicing their new treasure.

  29. To all the family of Kitty Worley, my sincerest condolences. Senora Worley guided and directed me through four wonderful years of Spanish at CHS. Upon returning to CS in 2001, my son and I ran into Kitty and Will at the store. Kitty recognized me immediately and promptly engaged my son in conversation and a Spanish lesson! She remembered our trip to Zacatecas back in ’72 and all our adventures in El Club Castellano. I’ll never forget the awe and wonder Sra. Worley brought to my life! She spread her excitement, passion and love for the Spanish language and culture to so many in this world. Watch out, God! Kitty’s gonna give you some Spanish lessons!!!!!

  30. She left a legacy of love and caring. Please accept our prayers and sincere condolences.

  31. To the relatives of Mrs. Kitty Worley

    On behalf of all the AGGIES in the Dominican Republic, please accept our deepest condolences.

    In the late 60s, Mrs. Worley adopted as her own children more than a hundred Dominicans who had come to TEXAS A-M in pursue of a career in agriculture. Just a few of them had a limited knowledge of the English language. Mrs Worley challenged herself to make fluent this newly commers to Texas A-M, since after three months of English training as a seconmd language, they had to take classes as regular students. She succeded and so did her students.
    Her Dominican children always praised and cherrished her effort. They considered her as a loving mother.

    May she rest in peace.

  32. Mrs. Worley was a great teacher whose enthusiasm inspired many a student to learn about Spanish language and culture. She was also a generous person whose compassion touched the lives of everyone with whom she came into contact. She will be — and is — greatly missed.

  33. Watch out heaven, here comes Senora Worley! What a wonderful spirit and guiding force both in the classroom and in the lives of her students. I credit her with teaching me the wonderful language of Spanish but also the courage to dream and the drive accomplish those dreams. Everyone should have a teacher like her in their lives!

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