Allen Knight Wisby


  1. I wish fair winds and following seas to you my brother on your trip to be with the Great Architect of the Universe. I will always have fond memories sitting with you in Lodge and swapping sea stories of our travels while at sea. Bro:. W Longmire

  2. I only knew Brother Wisby for a few years, after meeting him at the Pasadena Masonic Lodge. Allen always had stories to share about his years on his Tug-Boats and his travels. I remember them as if it were yesterday. Each time he would come to Lodge – I made it a point to sit by him, so that I could hear another story. He lived close to me off of Strawberry Road in Pasadena, so I stopped by a few times to visit with Him and Georgia. They were short visits but enjoyable.

    My Condolences to The Wisby Family.

  3. Dad Wisby was the Chapter Advisor of Pasadena Chapter Order of DeMolay for much of my time as a DeMolay. He was, without a doubt, the very best Chapter Dad the DeMolay organization ever experienced. His ability to remain calm while directing a large group of young men was amazing. He made us feel like adults and guided us to make proper decisions. After he retired as Chapter Advisor, I could not relate to any advisor that followed. They just were not Dad Wisby and I could not give them the same respect. Dad Wisby was truly an honorable man. The world is a lesser place without him in it.

  4. I worked with Elizabeth at Fisher Elem. for many years. We were like a family and socialized with each other. Your father, Allen, was well liked among us and we all had many good times together. I cared for them both so much. Dianne Angelica


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